Venezuela is mostly a country abundant with culture which is seen for weddings. Via music to dance to customs, venezuela wedding traditions will be unique and fun. Guests from Barcelone will find the fact that weddings significant in merrymaking and music with foodstuff being an important element. Fortunately they are very colourful and this is certainly reflected in the way the bridesmaids and grooms clothing.

During the ceremony, a gift through the groom’s family unit called todas las arras or 13 gold and silver coins is given to the bride. This kind of symbolizes riches and best of luck for the few. This is usually presented after the promises and is a traditional component in the wedding ceremony.

Following the marriage ceremony it is customary to get the bride and groom to take a vacation. This is a great way for the few to spend quality time together away from distractions every day life.

Another custom that is certainly practiced certainly is the boleto para dia, or funds dance. This is a fun way for everyone to get acquainted with each other during the reception. It is just a lot of fun for everyone included and can basically last for over one track!

Finally, the popular ‘la hora loca’ or crazy hour is known as a fun method for the bridal few to escape in the reception without being seen. If they are certainly not caught, this can be believed to take the couple all the best in their relationship. The crazy hour is stuffed with music, performing and noisemakers in fact it is a great way to start the celebrations.