By default, Sober Grid sorts profiles by distance to the user, which is useful for finding people to hang out with in real life. We’ll be in your inbox every morning Monday-Saturday with all the day’s top business news, inspiring stories, best advice and exclusive reporting from Entrepreneur. That clarity helps you hit every “selling” point and be an effective listener. You’re less likely to walk away thinking “I can’t believe I forgot to say…” or “I just wasn’t my best” if you’re conversating sober.

There is a truth behind the statement, “strength in numbers,” and a sober support network proves that. The various benefits are enough to show that you should have your own as you go through your recovery journey. How do we make the workplace more inclusive of our non-drinking sober networking coworkers? Many workspaces have a keg of beer on tap in the break room, Friday happy hours where employees are highly encouraged to attend, a bar cart that makes the round at 4 p.m. On a weeknight, or company successes being celebrated with champagne or shots.

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The co-founders say Free Life is much more than socializing in sobriety. The new company will also serve as a networking opportunity for work connections, friendships and even finding that special someone. All while also trying to break the stigma behind recovery and sobriety. Just because you do the right thing does not mean that it will be appreciated in the short term.

These new apps are meant as a supplement, a way for people to strengthen their social lives without having to step into a bar. Many sober specific networks have sprung up to meet the needs of the community. While many of them are a lot like other larger social networks, they have extra features and focused communities that make signing up for another social network worth it. And unlike other networks you might already be on, sober social networks put emphasis on allowing users to remain anonymous and protect their privacy. For people in recovery, it can be as simple as telling colleagues that you don’t drink or politely declining the offer of a drink. Other approaches people in recovery take in disclosing reasons for not having a drink were highlighted in a study published in the journal Health Communications.

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That being said, trusted coworkers or professional acquaintances can be a valuable part of your sober support network by helping you get your career back on track. They can provide advice on time management, building new skills, and/or employment opportunities that might better fit your recovery goals. When you become part of a detox and rehabilitation community, you have access to all the latest addiction recovery resources.

Becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol for socialization can further limit an individual’s natural ability to socialize. Therefore, when the individual decides to abstain from using drugs or alcohol, they may experience even greater anxiety. Building a support network will help to reconnect you with your community and avoid relapse. Learning how to connect with loved ones and make new friends is one of the best things for anyone who is in recovery. If you don’t have anyone to rely on when you were struggling with cravings or difficult emotions, it becomes all the more easier to relapse.

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For example, SMART Recovery is a group that appeals to people with whom the spiritual nature of the traditional 12-Step program does not resonate. In contrast, Celebrate Recovery is a Bible-focused recovery group. Refuge Recovery incorporates the core practices and principles of Buddhism.

  • These meetings employ the standard 12 step program to help recovering addicts manage their recovery.
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Those strategies may change over time as you become more comfortable and maybe more open about your journey. However you let it unfold, make sure it is on your own terms and timeline. One important benefit of attending a 12-Step group is that you can be matched with a sponsor. A sponsor is someone established in their sobriety who provides guidance and support as you’re working through the steps and facing specific challenges in your recovery.