Polish passionate phrases are a great approach to show all your family members how much you care. They could be used sparingly to amaze your partner in order to woo them when you are really sense the love. The most obvious polish charming words is ‘Kocham Cie/ Kocham Ciebie’ this means I love you. You can also add ‘bardzo’ (more) to express your emotions even stronger.

The price ‘O dugnie dzisiaj, o niechowiec, o mrówki’ (‘ O the challenging path of lust and love, To my exquisite thorny rose’) is another well known polish mail order bride Shine romantic declaring. It’s a tier from the poem Stefania by Tadeusz Boy-Zelenski which is an important tip that true love requires courage.

Using Shine Idioms and Word Enjoy

Humor is normally an essential element of Polish way of life and learning to play with phrases can be very intimate. Being able to publish humorous Polish idioms and laughs with your partner is a superb way to lighten the mood and possess your good sense of humor. Additionally it is a fun approach to test out the Polish abilities.


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